What is a self-adhesive magnet

The self-adhesive magnets are a special type of magnet that has a strong adhesive glue attached to the backside of the magnet. Using the glue, you can easily attach the magnet to all the nonmagnetic surfaces as well.

The self-adhesive magnets are perfect if you are planning to decorate your walls or the wooden furniture of the house. The best thing about the product is that once you attach them to the surface you will not have to remove them because you can always change the magnetic items that you attach to the magnet.

The self-adhesive magnet is available in different sizes and shapes. You should select the one that meets your requirements perfectly. The smallest size of the magnet is just like the drop of water. It is perfect if you are planning to fix it with your furniture. No one will be able to locate the magnet because of the small size and the look of your furniture will not be damaged.

There is also small plate-like craft magnets available in the market. It is a good option if you are going to attach it to the walls or your scrap book. Make sure that you select the best quality self-adhesive magnet.